Wear 1 Piece 3 Ways.

As a fashion stylist and bargain-hunter, I know the value of learning how to stretch your wardrobe by mixing and matching pieces and wearing them in different ways so that you get the most wear out of it without looking like Where’s Waldo with the eternal red and white striped tee…


To be honest, if Waldo had read this post, maybe he wouldn’t get found at all. 😁

Anyhoo, I picked out this Publish Brand navy button-down shirt with the chinese collar and styled it 3 ways below…

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The classic “Pair it with jeans and layer a jacket over it” trick.


Always reliable, the jacket and jeans option is a great way to break up a solid-color or print shirt. Keep it monochromatic or in the same family of colors, and you make it not just more contemporary but also wearable from day to night. That’s what I did here by pairing it with a dark wash Naked & Famous pair of jeans, classic black and white suede Puma’s, a black and heather grey Publish raglan bomber jacket, and lastly, the FY logo snapback. The mix of subtle prints and textures gives the outfit depth too. Ladies dig depth. At least this Lady does. 😉

The Jogger Swap.


As much as we love our jeans, sometimes the day just calls for a jogger. Even with zero plans of jogging. 😝 Change it up by layering a Fresh Yard tee under the shirt and slipping into some Native shoes. Suns out, ankles out. ☀️

The Pop of Color Redirection.


Magicians and spies will tell you. Redirection and Distraction are your allies. A way to wear the same shirt but in a different way is to redirect their eyes to a pop of color somewhere else, like on your ankles or shoes. Pair it with a neutral pair of bottoms, cuff your jeans a couple of times and their eyes will surely go straight to that pop of fun down there. 💥🍒

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Lady Maximo