Brooklyn, NY Photoshoot – April 2015

Back in April 2015 Lady Maximo and I took a trip to New York for play and no work but that’s never the case with us. We ended up doing a quick photoshoot in Brooklyn with our good friend and dope photographer LJ aka Still1. Shout out to Q for modeling for us.¬†Lady did the styling and the pics came out dope! Check them out below and some behind the scenes pics as well. Can’t wait for the day we open a store in New York! FYNY¬†#freshyardtravels.

tfy-2 880-(LB)-FY-x-NY-5-(L)-Lookbook

Here’s some behind the scenes pictures I took with my iPhone.
bts-2 bts-3 bts-4 bts-5 bts-6bts-1S/O to Lady Maximo, Q and Still1. Brooklyn stand up!!!