How the Grouch stole X Mas Tour

The Grouch’s tour touches down in San Diego tonight at porter’s pub over by UCSD. Zion I, Grouch, Eligh, Evidence and Dj Fresh come to socal to rock one tough west coast set for the heads. Peep the flier and check out to see when they come to yo town.

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Slightly old but good. Chali 2na raps inside a van..with a horn section.

Check this video out…pretty cool concept this jam in the van thing. These guys have an RV, invite dope bands/ groups to jam in it, and they film it. Check out west coast rapper from J5, thats Jurassic 5 the rap group not Jackson 5, Chali 2na getting busy on it with kids playing the horns section.

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Music posts are back. lets start with Blu and Madlib.

Soooo like people were wondering..’hey guys what happenend to the music posts you guys used to do?’ and ‘the posts seem to be all fashion lately’. And so I said ‘hey! you my friend are correct!..i need to have music posts again…and guess what?’ I am.

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Intwined Bowties giveaway.

My good friend Jenn from Intwined is doing her first giveaway for her amazing bow ties. Check the facebook link for more info!

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RETROSUPERFUTURE fall/ winter 2011.

Renowned Italian eyewear brand SUPER or RETROSUPERFUTURE is dropping some new frames with a  panama inspired aesthetic. In the past they released pieces like the Havana and now they are further expanding that inspiration. Check out some pieces here and come by the shop to see our the SUPERs we carry or go to our webstore!

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PRO-Keds Royal Plus Hi D-Ring

Check the almost boot like shoe ..and when I say almost I mean it has gusseted tongue,  leather, d-ring eyelets and boot laces…by PRO-Keds. Perfect for the season right now. Peep the pics.

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Soo like we launched our site..its kinda of a big deal

I dont have a flier for this yet but go here and check us out! This is our full e-commerce site, we still have a gang of products to upload and a lot of our exclusives are still only available at the shop. For today (cyber monday) – you can use CYBER25 code to get 25% off entire purchase. Please check it out!

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Get your holiday gifts at The Fresh Yard this Friday as we’re doing a huge sale for Black Friday. Up to 50% off in store. Everything is on sale! Come early and get the deals before we sell out. You can also shop online and receive 20% discount on any item. Use promo code: BLACK20 when checking out. We’re going to have free pizza, goodies and mixtapes.

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The Fresh Yard x Good Wood x NVRBRKN collab!!!

Sooooo we focused a lot on product collaborations this past month or so and after some sweat and tears (okay there werent any tears)..we release several products. A big one was our Benny Gold and RBST collabo that brought together a new shop shirt and unique toy made out of paper. Our next move is an iPhone case. Made out of wood, of course. Why?..well because the collab is with Good Wood and why is the case so damn solid..well thats because NVRBRKN is also on the bill of collaborators. 3 way collabo. holla. We have a very limited amount at the shop, only 10..details on how to attain them TBA soon. Peep the pics below.

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Food Drive!!

Hello, do you feel like doing something good this holiday season? Well if you do then please read this post! The Fresh Yard and Mighty Garden will give any customers who brings in a canned food 10% off their purchase…so come wit it now!

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