Fresh Yard Bloggers

A San Diego native, Alex Shoelace joined The Fresh Yard fam two years ago. An avid skateboarder, graffiti artist, up & coming graphic designer and juvenile delinquent that's always up to no good. You can catch him at the shop in North Park as the sales head honcho slanging clothes and keeping you looking fresh!

DJ Daeta is originally from The Bay Area but now resides in San Diego. He's been throwing it down on the 1's & 2's for 15+ years. Part of the FY DJ collective, you can catch him spinning throughout San Diego and all FY events. Aside from DJing he's an avid photographer, foodie, world traveler and tech geek.

Lady Maximo is the head fashion stylist for and Also a freelance stylist, she regularly styles for FY Brand, Marvel and personal clients. Born and raised in Manila but now resides in San Diego. A GoalDigger, Motherpugger and FrenchieMomma.

Liquor Store Mike is a creative genius. Head designer and illustrator for The Fresh Yard & FY Brand. Originally from Fresno CA but now you can catch him in North Park San Diego at your local craft beer spots. Oh and did we mention, he's a baseball and comic book fanatic.