Diadora Now Available at The Fresh Yard

We welcome Diadora to The Fresh Yard. Available now in-store + online. 3 unique styles to start off with as we will be bringing more in every season. I use to rock these in the 90’s and now they’re coming back with some new heat! CLICK HERE to order.

The word Diadora comes from the greek διὰ δωρέα “dia-dorea” Which means “to share gifts and honors”. True to word, sharing all successes, combined with a sense of teamwork in the practice of sport at all levels and with a competitive streak that is always respectful of team-mates and opponents are some of the essential principles of Diadora. This romantic and highly principled word, Diadora, is accompanied by a symbol, an ornament, which represents the origins of the company, which are rooted in a craftsman’s laboratory fabricating shoes since 1948. It’s not a flash or the tip of an arrow, as it may seem, it’s more appropriately the stylized version of an open upper: the very main element to make a shoe, whether for sport, leisure or work.


N9000 Double L Shoes (sand/blue)
Retro running model derived directly from the original 1990 catalogue. The N9000 is a benchmark among the Made in Diadora collections: it features high-quality materials, which faithfully reproduce the construction and comfort of the original, and the timeless, trendy design of the double L version with a suede, nylon and leather upper.

V7000 NYL II Shoes (white)
The V7000 NYL II in this specific spoiler version is characterized by contrasting coloring on the heel and a number of details designed to evoke a racing car, with a creative combination of colors and materials. Full foot support and comfortable fit are guaranteed, as always. Features a lightweight design with a tapered shape and sinuous lines.

V7000 Weave Shoes (saltire navy)
A unique shoe with an intriguing and trendy style, characterized by lightness. Two threads interweave to create a seamless upper in three distinct color versions, thus enriching the V7000 model created in the ’90s and devoted to sprinters.